9. Standby Team Members: Inevitably, out of the 10 people who agreed to take on the challenge (when you suggested it in the pub) some were never really going to attempt it, some just are not fit enough, some will get injured or be unwell, and some won't be able to get the time off work. Get some financial commitment up front, and don't book accommodation, etc., until you have some money from them! One or two members may still pull out very close to the date for genuinne reasons, so try to have a standby walker and driver ready and waiting. Don't be tempted to share the driving between the walkers if your driver drops out - have a standby ready...!!!

1/1/2009 04:45:20 am

Ive completed 3 three peaks with work and on each challenge someone has dropped out last minute. Good advice to have some standby people. Not always easy to find tho.


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