Three Peaks Challenge

Top Tips

(Organising Your Own Challenge)

To enjoy a safe, low impact, successful challenge, you must be prepared to put in some time and effort before the event to ensure that you have the required level of fitness and experience, the right kit suitable for the conditions you may encounter, and the right vehicle and drivers for safe and comfortable transport. You should have completed at least 2 or 3 mountain days together, as a team, so that you are aware of each others stregths and weaknesses - and you need to agree on a plan of action should one of your team become slightly injured, or not be as fit as they thought - thus slowing the team considerably. Remember - not sticking together on the mountains can lead to disaster..!

1. Group Experience, Fitness and Training: Spend some time together, as a group, walking and navigating in the mountains. You can increase your mountain fitness, get used to foul weather conditions, try out new items of kit, improve your navigation, but most importantly - see how you work together as a group. Anyone a bit slower than the others should not simply be left at the back, as this can cause resentment and extra fatigue throughout the group. Keep swapping places, and ensure the pace and rest breaks are suitable for everyone. On the challenge you MUST stay together whilst on the mountains, especially in darkness or poor visibility. A suggested fitness training programme can be found here.

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