7. Food: You need to formulate a good plan for getting food! Many people simply opt for leaving a cooker and some flasks with the driver so they have a supply of hot water, then eat instant meals, soups, tea, coffee, etc., supplemented with sandwishes, cold pasta, crisps, nuts, fruit, energy bars, etc. Others opt to make use of the chip shop, McDonnalds, motorway services, etc., en-route. You will need a lot of water, especially during the summer if the weather is warm, and we suggest around 5 litres per person. Supplies can be purchased from the Morrisons or Tesco Metro in Fort William.


6. Group Safety: Leave your driver with a list of contact details, and emergency contacts for each walker. They should know your intended routes and any summit ETA's, plus the time you should arrive back at the vehicle. Agree a plan of action should you not return by a certain time, and if no contact between the group/driver is possible. A mixture of mobile phones and VHF radios can help maintain contact - just remember that batteries do fail, signals are lost, and radios have lots of 'dead' spots. Any group should have enough first aid, safety and emergency equipment to remain 'comfortably' on the mountain for at least a few hours during night-time.