Will it be sunny? Will we need our waterproofs? Can we wear trainers?

Just some of the questions I get asked regarding the possible weather conditions on the Ben Nevis summit in summer. Well, the summit is likely to be 15 degrees colder than the Glen Nevis car park, and conditions can change very quickly on the summit. You should be prepared for pretty hostile conditions, but hopefully may get some great, clear weather.

However, check the YouTube video below which shows what it MAY be like in mid-June....


10. Finally: Do some research on the places you will visit, the routes you will walk and the roads you will drive on. Be aware of the sensitivities of the communities you pass through remembering hundreds of other people may have driven or walked past just hours before you. Get up-to-date information about roadworks, traffic delays, weather reports, path diversions and have alternative plans in place - Be Ready and Stay Safe.

Good Luck.